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Managing your customer relationships should be a joy, not a headache, and that's why we've made our pricing plans both flexible and scalable. Choose your plan and get access to a wealth of features that will help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

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  • Optimise support and fine-tune change management with our most robust sandbox
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Our CRM boasts a multitude of features that give you complete control over managing your customer relationships. Getlead CRM stands out from the competition by offering the most complete set of features on the market.Choose our CRM and experience the power of a feature-rich solution that brings your business to new heights of success.

Lead Management

Keep track of all your leads in one place, including their contact information, lead source, and status.

Task Management

Create, assign, and track tasks to keep your team on track and ensure nothing is left behind.

Deal Management

Manage your sales pipeline and track deals from lead to close with ease.


Create and track targeted campaigns to reach your customers with the right message at the right time.


Connect your CRM to your favorite tools and apps to streamline your workflows and save time.

Mobile First

Access your CRM from anywhere, at any time, with our mobile-first approach and mobile app.

Call Management

Call management feature allows for efficient customer support by logging, scheduling, recording, and tracking call analytics.

Attendance Management

Keep track of attendance and manage schedules for your team with ease.


Gain insights into your business performance with customizable reports and analytics that show key metrics and trends.

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